Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 – Slot Machine

Hello everyone. In this article I will be describing you the slot machine that I’ve built. Let’s first give it a run-through to see what happens, and after that I will explain how exactly it works. To start the slot machine, all you have to do is click the giant letters that say “click here”, and quickly disable and enable the “Synchronize with adjacent stations” option.

And eventually, a while after that, you should see three colors popping up here. It takes a while, so I’ll speed it up a bit for you. There we go.

Two reds and one orange. Ehh… Sad we didn’t get three red; would’ve won a million dollars!

Now I’ll show you how the slot machine works step by step. The first step is getting three guests on three different paths. For that, I’ve built this orange car ride, which the same one as the letters, And as you can see it has four stations, but only three stations are actually part of the ride. However, when you enable the “synchronize with adjacent stations” settings, the cars will NOT depart, because there is no car in the fourth station. However, if you disable that option, you can see that the cars WILL depart.

And since they all have one guest in them that will leave from different exits, you get three guests on three different paths. After a guest exits the station, he gets onto a path. There are three layers as you can see with all height it goes up to. Then he gets to choose between eight different car rides. As you can see, he’ll walk–and he can’t go back because these are “no entry” signs.

Aaand he chooses the red one. Now he gets in the car ride, which is also set to “wait for full load” and “synchronize with adjacent stations”. If a station only has an exit it will ignore the “wait for full load” part.

But, this one will only depart if it has a guest in it, which, in turn, also sets off this Steel Wild Mouse with the lift car as a car, which is also synchronized with the same stations. Which will then send the lift car via this black and white track all the way to the front. And the other two guests have also chosen. This time we got two reds and one blue.

When the left cabins get to the front, they’ll stay there for a while. You can see I have set the minimum and maximum waiting time to 80 seconds, which is, for some reason, not actually 80 seconds, but more about a minute. Which gives you plenty of time to see what combination you got and see if you have won anything. When the 80 seconds are gone, the cabins will return to the other station, And if you then wait a while, so that 80 seconds there have also gone, you can play again!

As you may have noticed, I use a lot of cheats to make this possible. So now I will give a rundown of which cheats I used. The most important one is “Disable clearance checks”.

If you disable those, the game will not check if there’s not already something in the way of where you’re trying to build. That has allowed me to build as closely as possible as I’ve done. So building right through itself and all the things that normally wouldn’t be possible because there would be things in the way. The other one in this little drop-down menu that I’ve used is “Disable support limits”, because it’s just slightly too tall for the Wild Mouse coaster, but now I don’t have to worry about that. As you can see, the stats of these car rides, these small car rides, aren’t exactly great, and guests will most likely not ride them!

So I’ve used a cheat so that guests ignore the intensities of rides, so they will ride *any* ride they encounter. Most of the time. Here you can see another four cheats I have used. The first one is “Allow chain lifts on all track pieces”, which has allowed me to put chain lifts on all the Wild Mouse rides. to get the lift cabins to the front a lot sooner. The second one was “Unlock operating limits”, which allows me to set the chain lift to 120 km/h.

Once again, to get the cabins to the front faster. After that we have disabled all breakdowns just to make sure the rides don’t break down because that would break the slot machine. And the last one is “Show vehicles from other track types”, which allows me to put the lift cabin on the Wild Mouse rides. I COULD just use the cars and color them but lift cars are nice, big and square. They’re more easy to see. The last cheat I’ve used is the tile inspector, which I’ve used to make all the track pieces and station pieces in front of this wall invisible.

You can see there are a lot of track pieces here, and all of them have a corrupt element below them. If I remove those, you can see that they become visible again. Oh, and one last other cheat that I used is to make the weather always sunny. I’ve frozen the climate to Sunny because… it’s not fun working in the rain. Sadly there is still one bug in this machine, and I cannot solve it–the game doesn’t give me the options to.

Sometimes, when the guest arrives at the entrance of the small car ride, he already thinks that he wants to go home, and can’t find the park exit and then he will NOT ride it. So… Sometimes you just get two lift cabins in the front.

Or worse, just one (even though the chance of that is very small–I’ve never had that happen to me.) That’s just something you have to deal with. Can’t help that. That was about it!