Benefits to Being the Bully

Had a headache last night but decided to slog my way through it as i hadn’t played in a couple days. Thursday night I was very tired and crashed out about 8PM on the sofa, Friday night went out with the wife, and Yesterday had a massive headache but decided to play at Casinoslots anyway. The usual 4-6 tables or so, wasn’t sure how long I was gonna play.

I finally get the games up and going after some time and I get a couple guys asking how many tables I’m playing anyway. I reply “5” and go about playing. I don’t have time for long chats because the action comes around fast and the one limit game is three handed so long conversations are out. The one guy on the NL game says “Oh a pro player“. I reply “nah, just boring to play one.” I wind up taking a very nice pot off him and now he’s mad. The usual griping and antagonizing stuff, I pay him no mind.

The other guy was actually quite comical. He was even nice enough to tell me his notes on me. After I raise preflop and fire a pot sized continuation bet, he folds and says “my notes on you say, just keeps betting. I have 7 examples”.

I reply “only 7? Wow, I must be getting weak.” I ask him what I showed down. He said I only got called once and had the goods. Which means the other 6 they folded. I put the mental note away to continue to fire at this guy, when I ma able to stack off another big stack when i flop middle set against his AK and value bet off his whole stack in three streets. He launches a comment that I must be lucky because I get called because I bet so much but it seems like when I get called I have it AGAIN! I smile and continue on. He moves from my immediate right to my immediate left. I know this guy is having trouble with me now.

Well the only hands that beat me are KK and 44 and I’m not giving him credit for that and if he has them god bless him. I make pretty much one of the easiest calls in the world with third nuts and he tables Qd 3d for the runner runner flush. nothing like drawing dead and getting there.